Handwriting Practice Sheets

Handwriting is the first impression that any applicant puts on the authorities. Due to the computer and other technologies, writing skills have been limited to typing only but still, schools and colleges focus on the handwriting of the kids. The writing shouldn’t only be readable, but impressive also. Some people […]

Vehicle Release Forms

Sometimes the vehicles are kept in custody by the police or any other investigation department if they see any irrelevant activity going on using that vehicle. Such vehicles are seized and can only be released on certain conditions. After, when the investigation process is complete the owner seeks for a […]

Survey Form Templates

Surveys are the methods to gather information from individuals and specific group of people. It consists of forms with questions and everyone has to answer according to their own opinions. The results are calculated at the end of these surveys using statistical techniques. Types of survey forms: A survey is […]

School Fee Payment Receipts

All educational institutes carry out financial transactions. This is an essential activity performed by organizations, institutions and other economic systems of the world. Without this activity, an economy cannot survive. Hence any transaction made in monetary terms should be backed by supporting evidence to the money depositor. Fee payment receipt […]