Planning is a major factor for success in every field. Be it how we plan our day, to what we want in our career or family life, planning holds a very important role in our life. Education is our first step towards our success and for that, we need to plan our academia very well.

Educational systems are developing every day and with that development, planning has become not only important but rather a necessity. Different countries have seemed to face various problems such as poverty, lack of economic growth and gender gaps. All these problems can be reduced by increasing the literacy rate. Educational planning is very important for the institutes as well as the students. Every resource has some constraints and so do educational institutes. The number of qualified teachers could be limited or even the classrooms can be less. So everything has to be planned in a way to get the maximum benefit.

Planning an educational year can be helpful to provide a vision and a goal. Planning an academic year can help reduce the chances of failure and work successfully in a direction. There will always be obstacles in term of financial constraints and other technical resources. To achieve success, it is very important to be prepared at all times for the unexpected and deal with them.

An effective planning cannot only save time, but it can also reduce your efforts and help you to achieve the best in the available resources. Many universities, in fact, most of the universities publish their academic calendars before the start of a new session. The academic calendar may be different for different schools as well as universities.

The use and benefit of the academic calendar have been debatable. According to the University of Philippines, every university should have an academic calendar which makes it easy for the students to compare it with the calendars of other universities. A lot of students travel to foreign countries for higher education. Academic calendars can be very useful for them as they can plan their vacations accordingly. Every academic calendar mentions all the public holidays and festivals in it.

Following are given academic calendar templates for 2017-18. Download and customize as per your requirement.

2017 2018 Academic calendar


2017 2018 Academic calendar Template


Academic Calendar Template 2017-18


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