Personal Sickness Certificate

A personal sickness certificate is also referred to as a medical certificate. It acts as a proof of an individual’s inability to attend school or office on account of an illness. This certificate is often accompanied by an application for leave. It is particularly important in cases of serious ailments. […]

Garments Shopping Gift Certificate

GIFT CERTIFICATES In the current age and lifestyle of the society most of the people are busy all day long meeting their goals and objectives. They hardly find the time to relax or work for the betterment of anyone else. Hard pressed on the time, going to parties or other […]

Christmas Gift Certificate Template

Christmas Eve and Gift Certificates Christmas is the occasion that brings friends and family together in all the Christian households. The distribution and sharing of the gifts are also a very common gesture on this day. Many people give different gifts to their beloved people and some choose to make […]

Best Performance Award Certificate

Appreciation Award Certificates The award or reward is considered really valuable by those who have dream and worked hard to make their dreams come true. The awards keep the hard working lot happy while encouraging the rest to do the same in the future. The issuance of award certificates makes […]

Professional Development and Management Certificate

Training Certificates The training is part of the professional development now days. The modern day human resource development has declared training as one of the necessary elements in human resource development. It is considered as the base element in getting things done in human resource management. It is carried out […]

Casual and Occasional Gift Certificate

Gift Certificates The gifts are considered as source of love and affection all round the world. The individuals, societies, people, organizations and even the nations are used to exchange gifts. The gifts convey a note of harmony and peace among two entities. They act as reminder sometimes making people remember […]