Blood Sugar Tracker with Fitness Planner

There are various types of charts and documents that are used by doctors and medical practitioners to maintain a record of the patient. Every hospital uses such standardized documents for making the treatment and diagnostic process much more effective as well as systematic. One such document is the blood sugar […]

Running Log Tracker

Running is one of the vigorous and effective exercises in the world. People having a daily routine of brisk walking and running are known to be much healthier than those who live static and inactive lifestyle. The average human weight is on the path of increasing. This increase is owed […]

Health and Fitness Sugar Gram Calculator

Health and fitness is one of the most important considerations of our daily lifestyle. We need to adopt a living pattern that incorporates not just healthy living but also healthy eating. The world today has become a very busy place. People hardly get any time for their own selves. The […]

Diet and Exercise Journal

Diet, Exercise and Fitness Diet and Exercise are the two essential key processes for the maintenance of a healthy mind and body. While dieting means to narrow your diet to only foods that are nutritionally benefiting for you, exercise consists of working out so that these foods can be burned […]