Valentine’s Day Celebration Invitation

Valentine’s Day, Celebration & Parties The day of love and affection, celebrated every year on 14th February is the second most popular day after Christmas. Valentine’s Day has a murky history but one thing is very certain that this day is celebrated to give the tribute to the St .Valentine. […]

Event Program Template

Have you ever wondered even the delicious dishes fails to delight the appetite, but well-presented dishes increase it So what is really the problem? Simple, it’s all in the presentation. Your invitation is a contemplation of your placements. Ever heard of “the first impression is the last one” This is […]

Halloween Costume Party Invitation Card

Celebrate this Halloween with all your friends and family in a way that it would make the day more exciting and moments to remember for the years to come. On Halloween the best way to have fun is to arrange a Halloween costume party and for that sending the invitation […]

Columbus Day Celebration Invitation Card

Columbus Day is an important day celebrated annually on the second Monday of the October in the remembrance of Christopher Columbus on 12th October, 1492. It is a controversial holiday, because when the European was settled in America, they ruin the history and the culture of the indigenous people. The […]

Chocolate Show Invitation Card

Chocolate shows often organized every year in the November, and in this month, the chefs of chocolates and pastries from all around the world assemble together at a chocolate festival in New York City. The event is organized at a 13,000 square foot area, and different confectioners and chefs are […]

Birthday Party Invitation Card Template

Party Invitations The birthday is one of the real special occasions in the life of every one born. This is reason why people are used to make most of it by celebrating it cordially. Full value arrangements are being made to make celebrations go big. There are lots of people […]

Baby Shower Party Invitation Card

The babies are loved in all parts of the world and they are welcomed quite before their arrival. The expecting mothers are given the treats and parties to make an arrival go even more charming. The parties and gatherings are made to enjoy the arrival of a new baby. The […]

Veteran’s Day Celebration Invitation Template

Celebrations & Invitations Veterans day is an official holiday noticed in the United States to honor the U.S. Armed Forces. It is a federal holiday celebrated on 11th November. The day is separate than memorial day, because it is celebrated to acknowledge the services of the U.S. military veterans, while […]

Generic Event Invitation Card

Event Invitations Event invitation templates are a written form of request inviting people to come and attend a particular event which could be for various purposes including, personal (birthday parties, weddings), academic (school functions) or commercial (business events). If you’ve been given the task to make an event invitation and […]

Party Invitation Card Template

Generic Party Invitation Cards Generally, you watch a movie if its promo is attention-grabbing as an interesting trailer will seek more of your consideration and bring out the excitement to watch the movie. Likewise, an interesting and eye-catching party invitation card will bring out the greater eagerness in you to […]

Meeting Invitation Template

Formal Invitations Invitations designed to call upon a group of people to have a meeting together in simply and logically termed as a meeting invitation. While several meetings turn out to be a waste of time for everyone around meetings hosted by a prior invitation turn out to be predictably […]