English is a global language, and it is a fact that only those can grow in their professional life who excel in this language. Being a professional English teacher can be very useful for a person since he/she can read, write and teach well. A lot of institutes hire English teachers to teach grammar, comprehension and other English-related skills. Although the educational background of different teachers can be different, they can be hired by their knowledge and skill level. Almost all the English teachers have same responsibilities and duties.

It’s not the proficiency in English which is required from the English teacher, but he or she should also be able to be creative and to be a good example for their students.

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Introduction or Summary:

I am an instructor of English, who can deliver the best English knowledge on grammar, comprehension and on creative English writing. I am also a skilled person who can find out weaknesses and strengths of the students by interacting with them. I am capable enough to understand my students’ psychology by keen observation. I have special communication skills that I can apply throughout the educational session. I am a passionate teacher who is aimed at bringing a noticeable difference in lives of my students. Furthermore, I have very special skills and vast experience of working in some educational settings and I am capable enough to adjust myself to any setting. Right now, I want to join an institute which is recruiting talented individuals who are passionate to succeed in their career.


  • To get a job position as an English teacher where I can work with strong dedication and with high enthusiasm to teach my students.
  • To get the motivation to teach my students with my great communication skills for the betterment of my students and for my own career.


Key Skills and Competencies:

  • Positive attitude towards job
  • Responsible and a good English communicator
  • Passionate and enthusiastic
  • Great planner and has strong organizational skills


I took part in new work schemes and worked to produce high-quality educational resources for learners. I also communicated with the students, their parents and also with other teachers to get the better understanding and to make a solid relationship with the students. I maintained a good environment in the classroom. I recorded the students’ attendance with their grades and behavior. I also worked as per the behavior policy of the school.

Educational Background and Career:

I have done BA in English language and literature. I have also achieved a Masters degree in English. I have obtained Honors degree in English. I have also achieved post graduate certification and have cleared many English assessment tests.


  • Continuous evaluation of students.
  • Preparation of annual calendar
  • Motivating, supporting and challenging students to make them prepared for future challenges
  • Facilitating them with the environment in which they can learn to be more proficient in English.
  • Carrying out some additional tasks to participate in other operations of the school.

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