All female employees working at an organization are entitled to maternity leave. It allows them to take a break from work in order to care for their newborn. The leave can be taken a few days or weeks before the due date of delivery. In order to apply for this leave, a maternity leave application form needs to be filled. Therefore, every organization needs to provide this form to the female staff whenever required.

This form allows the applicant to provide all the required details. The time duration for the applied leave is mentioned. In special cases, a request can be made for the extension of the entitled leave. There should be a separate section in the form for this purpose. Likewise, there is a section for basic information about the applicant. This includes her name and job position in the organization. Every organization can have a customized maternity leave application form for its employees.

Various sections can be added to the form according to the requirements. A short form can be designed for brief information. On the other hand, it can also extend to more than a single page for more details. A sample of the maternity leave application form can be downloaded from this website. It can be used as a template to create customized application forms. This sample offers a pre-formatted design. You can add or remove sections according to the specific requirement of your organizations. Finally, the application form can be printed and used by female workers.


Maternity leave application form

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