Life is all about ups and downs, someday you are healthy and maybe the other day you are sick. There is a silent mission going on inside the body of a person and that is the work that never stops and in case, of any errors you suffer from a symptom. This is the point where you need the break from your life’s daily activities. Maybe you are a school going individual or anyhow linked with education or maybe you hold a white collar job so, in any of the cases, you need a medical certificate which is the notice of your absence with the reason.

A medical certificate is an official announcement of your absence due to any sickness, signed by the doctor you are under observation with. This document is enough to say that you are not well proper to attend the certain imperative task of your life. Almost all the organization looks for the medical certificate in order to judge the matter on the basis of the truth because sometimes people use it for wrong and dishonor purposes as well. The form is issued when the patient takes a leave from the work or duties. Some of the organization doesn’t allow the patient to start work without the submission of the form

A medical certificate is a one-page note that is simply available and is mostly provided by the hospital or clinic. If you want to prepare one then you can prepare it with the help of the templates available on the internet.

The form requires the name of the patient to be written in block letters, age, contact no, and his address. The date of issue is also mentioned on the top. The form is printed on the official letterhead of the clinic or the hospital and it gives the brief information of the organization as well such as the name of the hospital, address, any contact number and email address.

If the form is required for the child the name of the patient’s guardian is also required along with their signature.


Medical Certificate for Leave

Medical certificate for Leave


Medical Fitness Certificate

Medical fitness certificate template