Words make or break any business. They shape it. Since nothing is free of cost in this world and everything has a price. So, we are charged for the services that we take. Companies make a list of services and their prices and these are then handed over to the customer. These are referred to as quotation sheets.

Quotation is stated as the price or the amount of money that will be charged by the company from the person they are providing any service to. The buyer is given all the details about the cost, resources, labor, delivery etc. and estimated cost is provided by the company.

Need a quotation sheet:

Whenever you are buying anything in bulk quantities, a quotation sheet is required. Businessmen and companies prefer to provide the buyer a quotation sheet so that he can negotiate with the price and quality. It also helps the buyer to compare the process between different companies. He can then compare the quality of the products. The companies name and value is at a stake so they provide beneficial information. Some companies attract buyers for long term deals through such sheets. They build a trust in the buyer and clear the intents and requirements of the buyers.

How to use and make a quotation sheet in excel:

  1. Choose the template you like for your business from the internet and open it in Microsoft Excel.
  2. In the selected rows, add the titles depending upon your work. It could be hourly, daily or monthly.
  3. In the columns, list the services you are providing, quote their prices.
  4. Schedule the date on which the work would be done.
  5. Type the date of payment as well.

Benefits of a quotation sheet:

  • Companies use these sheets for the convenience of the buyers. The prices are same for all the buyers and it’s easy to maintain a good flow if business.
  • The buyer can negotiate the prices between different companies and check the quality too.
  • The quotation sheets are helpful in dealing with bulk orders.

The opportunities for business to business transactions are increased for the business owners.


Sales Quotation Template

Sales quotation template


Service Quotation Template

Service quotation template


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