What are Release Forms?

A release form is a legal document which is used to terminate any legal liability between the release and the releaser. If you don’t want to use the release form, you can make the release orally in some cases. There are different types of releases such as personal release, group release, location release form, material release form, employment release form etc. The release form depends on the type of the release you want to do.

Why to Use Release Forms?

The main purpose of using the release form is to protect yourself from any confusion which otherwise you may have to face. Most common type of release form which is used by most of the people is personal release form. A photo release form may be used by one filmmaker to get the right of using the footage or the video of the other person. The form not only allows you to add the footage to your film but it also allows you to edit the video as you want. The benefit of using the release form is to protect you from the civil liability lawsuit when the issue will arise later. The form protects the releaser and the release. The form should be saved to be used in future.

Where to Use Release Forms?

The release form is also used when someone wants to use the original writing of someone in your own magazine. That must be signed by the writer. The signature of the writer represents that he has granted you the permission to use his writing. The form should be kept with great care so that it can be used later. The release form is not required to use when you want to release the government policies, event announcements etc.

Another type of release form is location release form. A location is the most important part when you are filming any scene. When you have found a suitable location for your film, you may need to have a location release form. The form ensures that you have gotten the permission to use the location for your film.

The release form is necessary to be used every time when you do the shoot no matter how good you have relations with the talent. Such type of form is called photo release form. The form is only useful when it is signed by the people. In order to get it signed by the target person, you will have to be a little careful. You should tell the person that why you want to make the project and why you want to include the talent of the person in that project. Show your passion and excitement for the project which you are going to release. You should be concise when you want them to sign the form. The conciseness will save a lot of time. Since you have to win the trust of the person to get the form signed, it is important for you to make them understand what you want in concise words without messing around.

Sample Templates

Given below are different sample templates for release forms that can help you prepare a one for yourself. Choose and download the one your like or require in the circumstances.


Equipment Release FormAnesthesia Release Form- Download

Client Release Form –Download

Equipment Release Form –Download

Location Release Form- Download

Medical Release Form- Download

Photo Consent & Release Form- Download

Video Audio Release Form- Download