If you are thinking of remodeling of your house, office or any building, you have to sign a contract or agreement with the service providing company. This contract plays an important role in such projects other than reviewing the cost details etc. Although it is advisable to contact any legal person for this, one must know what should be included in a good, authentic contract and what must be excluded. For this purpose, the really needed items are discussed below.

The contract must contain all the basic details like starting and ending details of the project along with the details of what the contractor is needed to do for the contracting party. The basics must also contain the payment mode and the frequency of payment that would be made to the contractor.

Mentioning the important provisions of required information that would be decided before between the parties, this information contains the payment schedule at first apart from details like how much money is to be paid in the first week and at the end of the contract etc. Lien waivers must also be included in the contract to make it more genuine.

The agreement should also display the conditions and other provisions that the company takes care of in normal business course. This whole document must be signed by the representatives of both the parties and the date must be mentioned on it to make it trustworthy and genuine. Other general provisions that every contact contains must also be added to it. A sample document of this nature has been provided by http://www.tw.gov.nl.ca/works/masterspec/, however, it is advisable to seek legal advice from your attorney before you prepare or sign any such contract.


Remodeling agreement

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