What is Feedback?

Feedback is the direct information obtained from the user of a product or service. It is his or her response in terms of satisfaction or dis-satisfaction from using this product or service. It is an excellent method to get the comments and complaints of the users and consumers.

Need for a Training Feedback Form:

Just any feedback of customers is required for using different types of products and services, similarly a training session or workshop is also a service provided to its users. Training of various kinds including vocational, professional and educational are carried out at various institutions and organizations. To obtain the direct response of their participants about the training program, the organizers need to have a training feedback form.

Training Feed Back Form:

A training feedback form is a document drafted by the organizers of the training program to obtain the direct information about the evaluation of training from its participants. It contains certain elements and questions that help judge the level of satisfaction or dis-satisfaction of the participants.

Benefits of Training Feedback Form:

Some common benefits of training feedback form are as under:

  • It helps the trainers and instructors evaluate their training practices
  • It helps organizations improve their training programs
  • It provides the organizers an insight into what the participants need and want
  • It helps them draft better improved training programs that are more receptive to the participants improvement areas
  • It helps to improve the planning and organizing tasks of the trainers.

Training feedback form

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