Sometimes the vehicles are kept in custody by the police or any other investigation department if they see any irrelevant activity going on using that vehicle. Such vehicles are seized and can only be released on certain conditions. After, when the investigation process is complete the owner seeks for a clean chit release of its vehicle and that where you need to sign a vehicle release form. There are no chances for the vehicle to be released without the submission of the form so in order to play smart prepare yourself the form once you see your vehicle in custody.

The literal meaning of vehicle release is:

The form that is submitted as a request to release your vehicle from custody or seizement is known as the vehicle release form. The form is only signed by the owner of the vehicle, however, you can send someone else to collect the vehicle and in that case, you have to mention the details of the receiver as well.

Where can you get the form?

The form is legally issued to the investigation department or police by the government so to get the form you need to physically visit the department and receive the copy of it. Later you can submit the form to the police department as well.

What are the necessary attachments?

  • Legal proof of your ownership (the official documents of the vehicle)
  • Driving license
  • Complete payment of fine (partial payments are not accepted)
  • Recipient of written approval given at the time of impoundment

What is the main content in the letter?

  • Details of the vehicle owner such as his/her name, address, driving license and contact number.
  • Details of the vehicle
  1. Model
  2. Color
  3. Year
  4. Vehicle make
  5. License NO
  • Representative’s name
  • Release date and seize date
  • Signature of the owner and date of issue

All the documents you submit should be valid because in the case of any error the case could go against you, so make sure to double check everything and the driving license must be valid and the expiry is not near.


Vehicle release form


Vehicle release form


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