Synchronization and planning are the keys to the success of any project. Once all the aspects are taken into consideration. The flow of work runs smoothly. If you start anything from scratch there will be a lot more hurdles to overcome. So management companies have come with a solution to overcome these issues. Every member knows these steps and works according to them. This solution is named as Workflow Diagram.

Workflow diagram is a graphical representation of the processes of a business project or assignment. It depicts the series of processes that will flow between the available resources such as machines and people. According to this diagram, everyone knows their responsibilities and the time and deadlines as well.

Terms related to workflow diagram:

Flow chart:

A flow chart is a basic idea behind workflow sheets.

Business process mapping:

Workflow is only one small part of business process mapping.

History of workflow diagram:

The history represents that the term was first used in 1880 and in an engineering journal in the 1920s. The World War II and Apollo program also took help from this concept.

How a workflow diagram works:

The diagram consists of symbols, boxes, and diamonds created by using graphics that depict the consumer, payments, shipping products, deadlines, events, steps etc.

Workflow diagram works as a foundation for businesses since it includes all the basic steps involves. The documentation is made on the workflow diagram basis.

How to create a workflow diagram:

  • First, determine the type of project for which you are designing a workflow diagram.
  • As soon as you know that, draw a rough sketch of all the needs, available resources, and outcomes.
  • Once done with this, start gathering information from the people involved in this process.
  • You should know the goals, possible deviations, and outcomes.
  • Choose any template, draw the shapes and start making your workflow diagram. You can create it in pdf format on your Mac or laptop.

Types of workflow diagrams:

  • SIPOC (Supplier- Input- Provider- Outcomes- Costumers)
  • BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation)
  • UML Activity (Unifies Modeling Language)
  • ANSI (American National Standard Institute)

 Parts of a workflow diagram:

  1. Input
  2. Transformation
  3. Output

Theories to improve the workflow diagrams:

  1. Six sigma
  2. Total quality Management
  3. Business Process reengineering
  4. Lean systems

Following is given an example template with different screenshots to elaborate the concept.

Project flowchart template

Mind map flowchart template

Cash Flow Flowchart Template

Website flowchart template

Process flowchart template

Procedure Flowchart Template

Decision Tree Flowchart Template